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With This Mosquito Net, Nothing Will Slow Down Your Summer Strolling!


Long summer days and warm afternoons are the perfect times to be out and about with the family. Unfortunately, it’s also the perfect time for mosquitoes and small insects, too. 

With the Keenz 7S+ Mosquito Net, you can keep your little ones safe from pestering critters while still letting them enjoy the best parts of summer in their Keenz stroller wagon. 

And even though the weather may be warmer, this stroller mosquito net is ventilated enough so that your little one will stay cool (without sacrificing protection!). 

Morning stroll turning into a mid-afternoon playdate? Not to worry - the Keenz 7S+ Mosquito Net is easy to fold and store, so keeping it handy is never a problem. 

Help your little one enjoy everything summer has to offer and upgrade their stroller with a Keenz Mosquito Net today.

Keenz 7S+ Mosquito Net

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